Jolanta Gałecka

Education Expert @ Young Digital Planet

Jolanta Gałecka is an Education Expert in Young Digital Planet.

Responsible for the expertise in education, research, articles, scenarios and education strategy, she follows education trends, designs some herself, keeps in touch with many experts all around the world.  She is passionate about education, child development, human psychological development, brain development and its functioning.

She is a speaker and panellist at multiple educational conferences and an expert in European projects, where she works on the future shape of education, teaching and schools. She is also a manager of several education projects that she has designed herself.

Studied psychology and sociology, graduated from law (Masters in Law) and passing the Bar exam became an attorney-at-law. When in United States volunteered and worked at different schools: taught in the Montessori School and a Spanish Immersion Academy. Involved in Waldorf education, Berlitz method and state-of-the-art educational materials. Worked at Microsoft as a Software Design Engineer in Test in Natural Languages Group and Tablet Team.

She often visits interesting educational projects around the world.

Mother of two boys, she loves being involved in their educational development. Together they experiment a lot, fight for what they feel is right and try to spread the message about the process of learning anywhere they go.