Krzysztof Jaworski

Coordinator and trainer @ Coding Masters Programme

Coding Masters Programme coordinator and trainer. Graduate of Pedagogical University of Cracow and  University of Szczecin. Oligophrenopedagogy specialist. Graduate of post-graduate studies in the area of coaching. Gained the experience as a teacher of intellectually disabled children during seven years of working in primary school.

2013 Innovative Teacher Contest winner. Graduate of Future Classroom Lab programme led by European Schoolnet in Brussels.

Educational trainer. Cooperated with Center for Citizenship Education, Orange Foundation, Modern Poland Foundation. The author of many scientific publications, articles and scenarios dedicated to teachers. The speaker at many educational conferences: ‘Inspirations’ TEDxPiotrowskaStreetSaloon, Innovative Teachers’ Reunion, Computer Science in Education.

Co-founder and fellow of Coding Masters Association.