The name ARBUZZ – read in English- can mean Augmented Reality Buzz. Augmented Reality (AR) – is a technology in which we have been specialized since our beginnings, so for the last six years. We create interactive, multimedia applications, in which – apart from AR – we do use virtual reality, interactive video mapping, paintings recreations, depth cameras or electronics. Very quickly – often as the first ones – as in case of the first demo of Visrtual Changing Room – we adapt new solutions and use them in our projects. Most of our solutions are educational museum exhibits, but we also create instalations for events, conferences or shops. Oue projects often use new technologies which are not commonly used – or we connect them in an unknown way.

Some of our projects:
https://vimeo.com/161179477 – Flood simulator
https://vimeo.com/119317794 – GreenBox, Getting older
https://vimeo.com/119317757 – How the mountains are formed
https://vimeo.com/119317755 – Space rubbish
https://vimeo.com/119317754 – Mapping – tree
https://vimeo.com/119317753 – The Gallery of mortars